“Chris was one of the best, if not the best, public speakers I’ve seen on circuit in my 25 year history in this industry.”

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President and CEO of Wyndham Hotel Group

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KEYNOTES – Are you an aspiring Global Citizen?

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Glob·al Cit·i·zen (/ ɡlōbəl/ /sidizən/): Realize your potential. Strengthen your relationships. Shift your world view.

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Bash’s keynotes each embody themes of service, productivity and cultural understanding. He helps audiences realize their potential to become Global Citizens- inspired members of their organization, their family, and ultimately- the world!

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Corporate Keynotes

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A Guide to Realizing your Potential and Contributing to Humanity

Bash’s unique approach to “Global Citizenship” empowers attendees re-structure the way they view the world- beginning with themselves. Being a Global Citizen begins with believing in our own potential. By creating a strong foundation within ourselves, with our co-workers and on our stoop, we will then be able to create lasting change in the greater world. Bash encourages each of us to realize our full potential- thereby becoming inspired members of our families, our organizations and ultimately- our world.

  • A New Lens to the World- In truth, changing the world begins with changing ourselves, and has very little to do with actual travel. Attendees begin by examining the fixed and limited lenses through which they view themselves. After determining where they are most holding themselves back, Bash offers methods to help listeners create an identity that more fully honors their potential. Once we see how we can view ourselves through a more empowering lens, we see how we can do the same for others. When we see others more clearly, they can sense it, this in turn creates a new world, one where we can develop authentic and deep relationships with others- regardless of race, background or creed.
  • Start at Home- We often associate Global Citizenship with traveling to far away lands to volunteer. It makes no sense to step over ourselves and our own stoop to try and ‘fix’ problems in another part of the world. Bash emphasizes the importance of starting on our own stoop first, rather then embarking to ‘change the world’. We can’t take people somewhere we have not yet been. As Dr. Jane Goodall once told Chris, “Think locally, act locally, and eventually… have the courage to think globally.”
  • Re-Defining Success- Our society is becoming increasingly addicted to external gratification. We are tied to our smart phones 24 hours a day- constantly checking Facebook for likes, responding to text messages, and in general- losing our sense of internal well being. It’s no longer enough to enjoy a beautiful day’s work, or to help someone in need- we now have to share it on social media! This model of external approval is proving to have devastating consequences on our ability to concentrate on what is happening in the here and now. From his own direct experience in creating a successful business, to stories of nomads on the Mongolian steppe- Bash shares why it is so critical to re-structure our mode of gratification from external to internal. The implications are massive and can have an amazing impact on our productivity, our compassion and our overall sense of well being. Happiness does not come from success, success comes from happiness.
  • The Joy of Service- Without being motivated to serve others, we are simply going through the motions. True service happens when we are genuinely inspired to serve- not because our boss told us, not because of the incentive vacation, but because it is deeply gratifying. Through heartfelt videos and precise exercises, Bash guides us with a process by which we can recognize the humanity in others and therefore being inspired to serve them. We don’t have to do “great things” to become a Global Citizen, we only have to do small things, with great love (inspired by Mother Theresa).
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The step-by-step methods in this talk encourage attendees to shift limited perspectives, thereby viewing themselves, others and their world through a more empowering lens. We can each become Global Citizens, because it has nothing to do with what we do for a living, or where we are in the world, but how we care for others. Service is not the by-product of success, it is the starting point.

Topics:(Leadership, Inspiration, Communication, Service)
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Steps from the Stoop

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The 3 Simple Steps for Connecting with the “Other”

The three essential steps from the “Stoop” can serve as the basis for profound personal transformation and deep connection with others. These steps enable us to strengthen our relationship with ourselves, our co-workers and those with whom we have no seeming connection- be it a Japanese Sumo Wrestler or our next-door neighbor.

Bash’s all-inclusive approach to relationship building has been cultivated for 30+ years, starting with his ‘stoop’ in Brooklyn, where his childhood friends shared a combined total of over 13 nationalities. In this flagship talk Bash drives home the ease of relationship building with a personal, yet universal method he’s applied everywhere from farming with mystics in Uganda to living with nomads in Mongolia.

  • Awareness, Acceptance and Courage- Before we can realize our full potential we first have to see where we are coming up short and where we are playing small, both personally and professionally. Awareness is step one. Once we’ve become aware of the limited way in which we are viewing ourselves and others, we move to step two- Acceptance. Finally, after seeing the fault in our pattern and the way we are holding ourselves back, we uncover a healthier and more productive path forward, and begin walking- with Courage.
  • From “them” to “us”- There is a precise moment when we stop viewing other people as “them” and begin viewing them as “us”. This moment is our “IN”. It can come from having a shared love of gardening, children in the Boy Scouts, or having both suffered a similar loss in life. With humor and pathos Bash shows attendees exactly how to “Find the IN” and develop real relationships with others. This is critical for our business, because once we have made the switch from “them” to “us”, others can sense it, and we open the door to countless possibilities. Without that genuine connection, doors will often stay closed.
  • Every One Matters- The only way our organization will flourish is if each individual plays at their best. In reality, we won’t be inspired to play our best unless we believe that what we do actually makes a difference. From stories of nomadic herdsmen to tales from Bash’s mentor- Dr. Jane Goodall, we can see with crystal clarity that each individual not only matters, but is critical to the success of a family, an organization and the entire world.
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Topics: (Communication, Diversity & Inclusion, Cultural Awareness, Conflict Resolution)
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Change Your Mind, Change Your World

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A Unique Approach to Becoming the Person you Wish to Be

We each have an area in our life where we are currently at Step A and we’d like to get to Step Z. We often wait for conditions to be perfect before ever taking the first step towards our goal. Our excuses appear to be boundless- no time, no money, no resources- but they usually boil down to the same core belief- a lack of faith in our potential. Bash shows how, with no formal training or credentials he created a unique career as an explorer, TV producer and renowned international storyteller. His method is simple… start from the place you wish to be.

  • Courage to Change- We see the world not as it is, but as we are. We often feel that we are inherently limited and incapable, never fully committing to taking the first step towards our goal. The only way we will realize our full potential is if we genuinely believe it is possible to change. Illuminated through the story of his first ever speech for three thousand people in the United Nations, at 23-years-old, Bash shows that with no formal training, but unwavering faith in one’s potential, we can start becoming the person we wish to be- now.
  • Start at Step Z- Bash highlights with clarity that the swiftest way to get from where we are to where we want to be is to be their first– on the inside. The best way to get from Step A to Step Z is to Start at Step Z. So long as we are waiting for conditions to be perfect we will never begin walking. Becoming a Global Citizen doesn’t mean we have no fear, it means we feel the fear and continue forward. The path of the Global Citizen begins with an unceasing commitment to one’s own potential.
  • Greater than “I”- The key to finding the inspiration necessary to overcome obstacles is to have a goal greater than oneself. We usually underestimate the power of our life and our work to positively impact others. Through inspirational stories of Global Citizens from the slums of Haiti, to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, we will see that becoming a Global Citizen has nothing to do with external resources and everything to do with internal drive. We will eventually realize that we are not only interrelated, but interdependent- and will therefore be motivated to serve others.
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Once we change the way in which we view ourselves we often find conditions change as well. Suddenly aspirations we felt were previously impossible to attain, are within sight. From Brooklyn to Brazil, Bash walks attendees through the practical methods for identifying their most limiting beliefs, thereby opening the doorway to a new world.

Topics: (Leadership, Inspiration, Productivity, Service)
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University Keynote

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Ignore the Noise

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Life Lessons for “Ignoring the Noise” and Discovering your Passion

Have you ever been uncertain of your life’s direction after graduation? Actor, PBS TV Host, UN Speaker, and Nat Geo Explorer, Chris Bashinelli, shares concrete examples colored by international adventures that help us ignore the noise and find meaning in our lives. At 20 years old Chris gave up his acting career, moved to Tanzania and discovered his true calling. How can I create my own venture? How can I raise money for my mission? How can I be sure this is my path? Bash can’t answer the question for you, but he will lead you in an empowering direction…

Topics: (Inspiration, Leadership, Communication, Social Change)
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