Celebrity Testimonials

"Chris Bashinelli is an inspiration to youth worldwide. He speaks with passion and his message is one of hope, cultural tolerance and call to action. He knows how to reach young and old alike. Bridge the Gap shares exciting and inspirational stories of daily life from the developing world and encourages us to realize that at the end of the day, we really are all the same and every single one of us makes a difference. We need more people like Chris in the world."
Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute
United Nations Messenger of Peace
"Dear Chris, It was a pleasure to meet you at the United Nations International Day of Peace. Your handling of the student panel discussion and your own speech were excellent. Your motivational skills and energy along with the positive message you send will truly inspire people to help make this a better planet. Congratulations and best wishes for a very promising future."
Academy Award-winning Actor
United Nations Messenger of Peace
"G'day mate! Great to meet you! I love your message and it fits perfectly in the corporate market. Who knew that traveling the world and living with nomads relates to work in an office setting!? I introduce a lot of speakers to events around the world and I rate your session very highly- Entertaining, engaging, compelling… All the good stuff!"
Australian Television Personality
"Chris is a gifted speaker that has the uncanny ability to fill any venue with positive energy and excitement. He has a rare knack of being able to help bring out the best in every member of the audience. I'm very impressed with his ability to communicate complex messages in an easy to understand and entertaining way. His message as relevant in the cubicle as it is in the space station. I would highly recommend Chris for any speaking venue."
NASA Astronaut
Celebrity Testimonials
"Bashinelli’s journeys are genuine and without pretense. Bridge the Gap offers a message that we should embrace and act on right now – chances are we’d all be better for it."
Executive Producer of "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown"
"I've had the pleasure of witnessing Chris speak on numerous occasions and each time I'm blown away. He is a perfect blend of passionate and compelling, while remaining down to earth and relatable. He knows how to cater his message to different crowds and he never fails to add humor. He is a true artisan with words and a natural leader. I'm excited to see the impact that ‘Bridge the Gap’ will have for this generation and all the ways that Chris Bashinelli will inspire us all to look within, go beyond our comfort zones, and be a voice to those who were otherwise silenced."
United Nations Youth Champion
Actress from High School Musical 2
"Chris is one of the most inspiring new voices on television. His curiosity and enthusiasm for new experiences is infectious – he's part Anthony Bourdain, part Anderson Cooper, and 100% fresh. Whether Chris is crying with an Indian prayer circle, or screaming with his arm most of the way inside a cows backside, you just can't stop watching."
Executive Producer of "Brain Games" on National Geographic Channel
"Chris Bashinelli fearlessly takes on cultural diversity and uncovers the humanity that is in us all."
BBC Worldwide, Senior Vice President
Celebrity Testimonials
"Chris’s charm and etiquette will go a long way. He is able to capture audiences when he speaks and one gets a sense that it is truly from the heart. His appeal is not limited to any particular age group or class. People are very comfortable around him and seem to respond to him endearingly, no matter what walk of life. Chris is helping to change the world. We should all be contributing whatever resources we can, so that Chris may continue 'Building Bridges'..."
SHONTELLE LAYNE - Motown Singer & Songwriter
"Bash, You are too much! I knew you’d done a lot of cool things but your speaking is ridiculously good. Your speaking style is so well done, so polished, so powerful. I would push more and more that you are an INSPIRATIONAL speaker more than anything, because you’re an inspirational PERSON. It’s almost as if you are too big, too much like an icon in the making, like Anthony Bourdain charisma meets Nelson Mandela peacefulness and Colin Powell diplomacy, after meeting you that’s what I felt I was in the presence of, someone significant, an international juggernaut and difference maker. Excited to see your influence continue to rise."
Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker
"Chris opens peoples eyes up to the different worlds in which we live and makes people think about things we in the developed world take for granted. Exchanges like those we see in ‘Bridge the Gap’, which at first seem to be from worlds apart, in fact serve to make use realize how interconnected we all are"
Paleontologist and National Geographic Explorer in Residence
Organization Testimonials
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Corporate Testimonials
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Educational Testimonials
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