Corporate Testimonials

"Chris made us laugh. He made us cry. He nailed it! He knew our company better than any other public speaker we’ve ever hired. I’ve had… of our 2,000 people that attended today, no less than a dozen come up in tears and say the message they heard in terms of connection, the message they heard in terms of empathy and caring, is a message that will resonate with them for the rest of this show and probably for the rest of their lives. He was one of the best, if not the best, public speakers I’ve seen on circuit in my 25 year history in this industry."
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Geoff Ballotti, President and CEO
"What I love most about Chris is that he treats everyone exactly the same- be it the United Nations Secretary General or the hotel concierge. He does not distinguish between rich people, poor people, famous people, and everyday people. For Chris, everyone is equal. He has a great deal of respect for the ‘human being’ and this is a rare quality. Chris embodies what we say in Germany, ‘Wir sind alle gleich’, which means, ‘We are all the same’."
Milena Pighi, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility
"Chris, Thank you for your talk! There are two critical moments in people’s lives- the day they are born and the day they understand why. Today you reminded me why I was born- to truly connect with others and to connect with my authentic self. Thank you for grounding us to what matters most! Titles don’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. What matters is how we can build a better life together with those around us, at work and at home. True success is about the success of others. Today you reminded us why it is so important to have the patience to truly listen to and understand others. Thank you."
Mr. Xavier Unkovic, Global President
"Bash! You brought a smile to my face when I really needed it. I must say your presentation was a departure from what we normally do at convention. I went into it a skeptic and borderline grumpy old man... I came out the other side a motivated believer. Keep on Bridging the Gap my brother!"
Scott Habberstad, Director of Sales & Community Marketing
"Thought-provoking, Engaging, Inspiring are the words I would use to describe Chris Bashinelli. With people in the audience from around the globe, I was initially concerned if Chris’s message would resonate with our diverse team. I soon realized my concerns were unfounded. Chris has the ability to inspire and enlighten across cultural boundaries. His talk touched all of the participants. As employees of a multi-national company, Chris’s comments about our responsibilities as Global Citizens hit home. His message about finding the opportunities to communicate and share are relevant to business as well as personal life. Chris left the team inspired to do more and be more."
John Nosenzo, Senior Vice President
"Chris Bashinelli is a delightful, dynamic surprise to be found on the speaker circuit. Raw, open, authentic and inspiring. Unlike many presenters, he truly did the prep work required to deliver a customized and personalized presentation. His message resonated with a diverse, multigenerational mix of attendees. He engaged the audience from start to finish with his brief, high energy kickoff to our global conference. Chris rocked the stage! He is such an authentic person and it truly resonated with our audience."
Ms. Angela Cain- CEO
"Caesars Entertainment is committed to our core value of building community and “Bash” magnified the importance of that value in style… Chris Bashinelli’s powerful keynote at one of our flagship events helped drive home the true meaning of cultural awareness and compassion. By inviting clients and co-workers to sit on our “stoop”, we can strengthen any relationship. He reminds us to simply start where we are and we will see our partnerships and business relationships grow. When we care about each other and the communities we live and work in, the stakes become that much more important, and the positive results are evident. I highly recommend “Bash” for any corporate event."
Melanie Harrje, Conventions
"This felt like the greatest thing in the entire world! The entire presentation touched me. It cleared my head, it touched my heart and it helped me go with my gut. There was nothing in there that I didn’t need to hear. There was nothing in there that I wasn’t frightened of… you helped me learn that happiness lies in serving others…it’s something that I can take with me and I’ll remember every day…to be able to clear the head, stop the noise, and step outside myself- you encouraged that within me. It’s phenomenal."
Liz O’Malley, Staff and Employee Development Specialist
"Xaxis is the largest programatic media company in the world. I can honestly say that Chris’s presentation was inspiring to everybody in the room. At Xaxis what we aspire to do is to build a global company. We have people from dozens, if not hundreds of nationalities around the world, all working in their own markets to better the world through making advertising welcome. Chris gave a really relevant presentation and performance to us today."
Brian Lesser, Global CEO
"Chris inspires and is inspired in equal measure. Anyone looking for motivation to make a positive change in their lives or realize their full potential should listen to Chris's moving and powerful life story. His vibrant energy reminds us, as entrepreneurs, in the importance of always believing and never giving up, especially when our backs are against the wall. Very few people deliver on this message as Chris did."
Sab Jhooti- Co-Founder
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