Educational Testimonials

"Chris is an awesome speaker. Chris connects with people in a way that captivates them, but also shares a lesson. What I love about Chris is his willingness to share his failures as much as his successes. For the Millennium Campus Conference Chris undoubtedly delivered on our goals- to educate and empower young people to be the change they wish to see in the world."
Sam Vaghar, Executive Director
"Chris was fabulous! He was exactly what I was looking for to connect with our superintendants. He has the youthful excitement of going out and seeing the world, but yet he has such a soulful and introspective look and feel on all of his experiences. He really reignited the passion with our superintendants. He’s exactly what I wanted for this conference."
Catherine Blades- SVP
"Chris, I have had the opportunity to listen to you speak on many occasions. As a fellow speaker you are a huge role model to me. When you speak to youth and show them your work they are drawn in and captivated. Your energy and youthfulness makes listeners feel excited and energized to make a positive difference in the world. There are dozens of youth traveling around the world speaking at conferences. What makes you different is that you don't just speak about making a difference, you live it."
Pippa Biddle, Fmr Youth Leadership Fellow
"I just want to say a big THANK YOU for your great event here at UNC Asheville during our International Education Week. It was inspiring for students to hear your journey and how you are following your dreams and passion in your daily life."
Bonnie Parker, Director of Study Abroad
"Chris is a completely genuine person. He is excited by new adventures and challenges. He took the time to ask good questions before he arrived and was a huge part of the overall success of our conference. Participants thoroughly enjoyed what he offered as a way to follow your passion, take risks, and engage with people different from yourself. He is entertaining, lively, and willing to laugh at himself as he delivers a serious message about how to break cultural barriers and "bridge the gap". So often messages like these can be delivered with too much earnest intent that younger audiences do not engage. Chris bridges that gap so well and makes them feel valued for their youth. His session was packed!"
Anne Russell, Educator, Community Service Coordinator
"Chris is beyond inspirational. Before, I thought ‘I’m just one person, what can I do?’ But now I feel I can really make a difference."
Mackenzie Stack, Student
"What makes Chris different from other speakers is the genuine energy he brings to his audience. Seeing someone pursue their passions at such a young age and with such vigor is inspiring to fellow young people to go out in the world and do what they love. In today’s society, young people are often told to follow the path that will produce the most money or that which will supposedly lead you to "happiness." Chris teaches that in following your true deepest passions and sharing them with the world you can in turn discover an unparalleled sense of self worth and truly make a meaningful difference."
Bethany Eriksen, Student
"Chris Bashinelli: A young man with a vision to change the world and knows how to inspire others that it is possible. I love watching the audiences with whom Chris interacts – he knows how to grab and keep their attention, focus on their interests and communicate his passion. The magic is seeing the looks of wonder as listeners consider the possibilities that Chris raises in his delivery. It reminds me that there is hope for world – because of caring, creative and talented people like Chris Bashinelli. He has the commitment to collaborate with others on his dream, and the courage to make it happen."
Dr. Catherine DeLeo, Professor
"Chris, you were an awesome speaker and throughout your whole commencement address I felt like you were talking to me! I was the first in my family to graduate with a masters degree and the whole time I am just thinking, "I can't wait to make a lot of money." That speech put everything in perspective to me. I know now that my calling is to mentor to young student athletes on the importance of education, no matter how much money I am making…I hope that you continue to make a difference in people’s lives. A lot was going on during my day of graduation but what I took the most from your speech is to make sure I am giving back and enjoying what I do!"
Nick Sales, Student
"I am so into the idea of outer travel. I think for me ‘inner travel’ has been one of the most fascinating concepts you’ve brought up. I can’t wait as a dental student to get deeper into the idea of inner travel and connecting with cultures across the world, even as I am rooted here in the United States."
John Sayer, Student
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