Association Testimonials

"Chris Bashinelli was the closing guest speaker at the Entrepreneurs Organization’s Global Leadership Conference in Manila, Philippines. His dynamic entrance, larger than life, unabashed manner turned heads, our attention on him right from the start. Chris tells an amazing story of his life, his quest and his vision. For someone so young, he's done some crazy stuff. He had the audience captivated mentally and emotionally. He totally owned the space and the hour of his presentation. Great guy."
Sue Duncan, President of EO New Zealand
"Chris you were absolutely amazing and a pleasure to work with. You are so comforting to be around and I feel as if I have known you for years! Chris connected with our audience in a way that captivated them, and left them wanting more. For the Greater Nashville Apartment Association Chris absolutely exceeded our expectations on delivering our goal to Educate, Empower & Motivate our members."
Daniel Sircy- Director of Education & Events
"Bash offered a very authentic, engaging, and energetic presentation for our conference attendees. He brought many of his valuable life experiences to the table, and though all proved very different, they revolved around one common theme- breaking down barriers and finding a common ground with whomever you engage. Bash assumed the role of Keynote, closing out our annual Leadership event. Attendees left feeling exhilarated, taking with them many of the principles Bash illustrated back to their local institutions. It was our pleasure having Bash present, and we would most certainly welcome him back again."
Jake Parks, Manager, North American Chapter Programming
"Chris you did an outstanding job and I appreciate your heart for the value of others. Every generation of business leadership can benefit from your experience and appropriate the tools you stressed yesterday in making our relationships better. Thanks for your transparency and sharing a deep part of your soul with us."
David Gibbs, C.P.A, Partner
"Chris Bashinelli’s message isn’t just about Global Citizenship, but about bringing human kindness, consideration and empathy to all of our daily interactions — at home, at work and in our travels. His touching keynote set the stage for our diverse group of international attendees to connect with one another on very personal level, fostering fruitful discussions and valuable business connections. Chris speaks from the heart; his passion is genuine — and truly contagious."
Loren G. Edelstein, Editor in Chief
"I thought Chris’s presentation was incredible. He made me realize that no matter who you are, where you are, if you’re halfway across the world or here in Dallas, Texas, that we’re all going through the same struggles in life. We all have this noise that’s blocking us from really listening to our inner core about what is really driving us and what our inner compass is really telling us. I think that once you can Ignore the Noise and listen to that I think that we can make not only ourselves happy, but make the world happy."
Adrienne Lewis- Vice President
"Chris Bashinelli is like a breath of fresh air! We had a wonderful time listening to him make comparisons between cultures and to talk about the commonalities between all of us as human beings. Thank you Chris!"
Lyn Broderson, Ph.D- Asst. Vice President
"Chris’s speech was extremely impressive and passionate in providing a service to the needy in the World by linking people who have something and those who do not. The second I heard Chris’s story and mission, I pledged to help him in any way that I could. Chris is a visionary and passionate young man. Aside from working with Chris on a professional level, I would like to consider him my friend. I fully support his organization and will make myself available to help in any way that I can."
Andrew Chilufya, Principal Officer
Celebrity Testimonials
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Organization Testimonials
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Educational Testimonials
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