Organization Testimonials

"Chris Bashinelli is an excellent communicator and motivator. When Chris is involved in an event, I know it is in great hands. His ability to connect and relate with people from all backgrounds is simply remarkable. Chris is equally as comfortable and confident with high profile individuals such as the Secretary General of the United Nations, as he is with the everyday man or woman on the street. Chris spoke at and moderated the Launch of the International Year of Youth in the United Nations General Assembly hall with a remarkable amount of ease and skill. I have great faith in Chris. I consider it an honor to work with him and most importantly, I consider him a friend."
Nicola Shepherd, Head of the UN Programme on Youth
"The Daniels Fund is a $ 1.4 billion foundation. Chris’s speech was an amazing way to wrap this legacy conversation around what our scholars are doing with their lives. His presentation tonight really spoke about being not just a Global Citizen, but what does that mean, what is that role? What is that responsibility to actually go out and make a difference for people? Whether it’s the person right here next to you, or someone ten thousand miles around the world. We have a responsibility to give back and to take care of those around us. And the people that I spoke to tonight were just rocked! We have a debt to repay Chris and we’re very thankful that he was here."
Scott Southworth, Assistant VP
"Chris Bashinelli offered the Boy Scouts of America an ideal mix of someone with a strong Scouting background and an impressive non-Scouting resume. As an Eagle Scout, his leadership skills were apparent, but we also were impressed by the ease with which he discussed his work. He spoke to us in a way that felt unscripted and conversational but still polished and precise. His inspirational words left Scouts and Scout leaders wanting more."
Bryan Wendell, Senior Editor, Scouting Magazine
"Bash delivers a fast-paced hour, relates it skillfully to the group at hand, and finishes with the crowd feeling like he's everyone's best friend- who does those things we all know we should do. He is at once worldly and down-to-earth, driven and disarming. Interested in everyone he meets, skilled at listening, attentive and quick. Chris is generous with his time and heart and is truly wise beyond his years. He revels the opportunity to share his energy with folks, sometimes bringing the most unlikely attendees up on stage, and quite magically builds a community in the room. If you’re looking to unlock reserves of energy in your people with a dose of unique experiences culminating in a highly-inspiring charge to succeed ‘no matter what’, Chris is an exceptional choice. I know I look forward to working with him again."
Stuart Brooks, Event Planner
"We were all very, very pleased with Chris Bashinelli and his ability to spellbound a crowd of educators, artists and performers. The young professionals who attended our event gave Chris rave reviews and could not stop talking about him in a positive way. His energy level throughout the night captivated the attention of the audience and his delivery style was outstanding. Chris brought love, life, enthusiasm, and exuberance through turned-on energy to “Girls Who Rock”. On behalf of our entire team and friends, a big thank you goes out to Chris for working with us. We are excited for his future and look forward to another collaboration with him. Chris helped raise over $7,000 for Girls Education in East Africa."
Cynthia Hellen, Co-founder
"Chris presents with a smooth confidence that both sets the tone of the event and captures the attention of the audience. He harnesses the ethos of social entrepreneurship, and would be an asset to any event requiring a quality speaker."
Frank Fredericks, Executive Director
"Dear Chris, Thank you so much for serving as a moderator for the UN International Day of Peace… I very much appreciated not only your renowned energy and enthusiasm, but also the skillful way you wove together the inspiring ideas expressed by such luminaries as Michael Douglas, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Stevie Wonder so that the young people would actually remember what they said. You made a real difference to every one of the 500+ students in the room, who surely left ready to be ambassadors of peace in the world – just like you! May Peace Prevail on Earth! With gratitude and love."
Deborah Moldow, Representative to the United Nations
"It was such a pleasure to have Chris host and moderate a panel at our flagship conference, YouthTalks, and energize the hundreds of young development professionals at the World Bank. He really set the tone for the event…by inspiring the audience and our other speakers with his charisma and positive outlook. His unique ability to have a frank discussion about these tough topics while still maintaining a great sense of humor was a very welcomed departure from the more traditional high level panels we’re used to.
The international development community needs more people like Chris: he is passionate, relatable, and dedicated to making the world a better place by inspiring his peers to act on their ideas and see the world through a different perspective."
Jonathan Perry, Secretary of Youth-to-Youth
"Chris- I don't have a lot of words to express what I feel watching you tell your stories. This is tremendous grace you have been given to affect people's lives in this way. A quality that you and Ram Dass share is your complete honesty about who you are, faults and all."
Executive Director of the Love Serve Remember Foundation
Celebrity Testimonials
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